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Default Re: Pictures, part #s, instructions; rebuilding a 39 style trans.

Originally Posted by steve hackel View Post
I just purchased a good housing and tower with a shifter, along with many good parts, enough to be a complete assembly. I have most of it apart, needs a main cluster, reverse idler, and probably the large sliding gear, along with the usual bearings and syncros etc. I have only done model A' transmissions so this is new to me. What are good sources of parts, either NOS or good replacements, and where can I get a schematic of the trans with its parts exploded - possibly a step by step instruction as to how it all comes apart and then back together? Thanks in advance for any help. Steve
Steve, as already mentioned by V8COOPMAN....get a copy of Mac Van Pelt's great book on these Early Ford 3 speed transmissions....Mac and his book can be an immense help to you during your transmission build/rebuild, plus there are many other members here who also have experience working on these transmissions, and can help you with their information.

This would make a great tutorial thread for other members to learn by...if you keep posting your questions here, plus the progress of your rebuild, and include pictures as you make that progress. Just a thought.

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