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Default Re: Fordor ute conversion

Originally Posted by dave in australia View Post
Something different I saw at a swap meet on Sunday. An early 28 fordor cowl and tank with what looks like a series 1 land rover roof, turning it into a farm ute. Phaetons were a common body converted to utes over here in Oz, as the subframe was wood, and would eventually rot. So intrepid farmers would remove the rear seat tub etc and form up a tray with what they had. This is one of the very few sedans that I have seen that has received this treatment. The model A wasn't the only car, a lot of different brands were treated the same. I have also been told it happened a lot during WWII as farm utes could receive more fuel rations over a family vehicle, so they were turned into commercial vehicles and received more fuel.

What is that white thing on top of the motor, looking into motor bay on the passenger's side?
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