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Default T-Bird valve covers

I have unearthed two pair of new finned aluminum valve covers.They have the Thunderbird logo on them,and are still in the Ford boxes.I forgot to get the Ford part number off them today.They belong to a friend who was heavily into these in the late 60's and early 70's.He owned a couple dozen of these cars,and he sold the entire parts collection over 30 years ago.These were tucked in a storage trailer,and while cleaning it out to scrap today I came across the covers.He does not do the computer thing at all,so I told him I would scout around and find what to ask for them.Bottom line is he doesn't want to ask $500.if they are worth $5. and doesn't want to ask $5.if they are worth $500.His daughter wants to do the ebay thing,but he is in no hurry so I told him I would try asking around first.I will be making 0 on them,so what should he ask?He said years ago he had dozens of these two bolt covers for the early 312 Birds.
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