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Default Re: The truth about dealer sevice departments

There are many sides to this story. I worked at several dealerships for quite a few years. Some were good, others - not so much. Not being a mechanic but a parts guy, I saw some issues this fella mentions. Some shops valued their mechanics & did what was needed to keep them. I saw other places that couldn't care less about them. Some had porters to pull vehicles in for the techs. Parts ordering could be a hassle and didn't benefit anyone who worked 'flat-rate'. Some mechs were very good & could beat flat-rate but still do quality work. One of the down-sides for the dealers was that many of them would pay their mechanics for factory training or to get certs. But after they got the training or certification some would quit, leaving the place that paid for their training to go to private shops or fleets. One certainly cannot blame them for leaving if it was for more $$$ & benefits. In many cases the training and certs they got at dealerships was the gift that kept giving, perhaps in better pay, position, etc. In the long term, did that training & certs offset the time "wasted" ordering parts, going out to get a car in the lot . . .? I can't answer that. But as said, there are more sides to the story. Not defending the dealers or the mechs, both have points to be made.
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