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Default Re: Marvel's Mystery Oil

Originally Posted by apbright View Post
You may be reacting to a warning, as a result of California Proposition 65, which will inform you that Marvel Mystery Oil contains chemicals which may be, in some way harmful. The correct interpretation of this warning is that you should not pour Marvel Mystery Oil on your morning scrambled eggs, or use it to clean your child's baby crib. If you only apply it to your Model A, I expect your health will be perfectly fine.

- Please do not drink battery acid
- Please do not use gasoline as a coffee creamer
- Please do not use lead as a toothpaste supplement

Love, Your Nanny State
You cant imagine my shear joy at finding a few quarts of acrylic enamel paint in the parts warehouse at work..when I asked about it they said "we cant sell it over the counter,but we will sell it to you at cost"..I'm going to paint my car right here in the peoples republic,squirting compounds known to the state of california to potentially harm .000001% of those who come in contact with it..gonna dance like a savage while I do it..
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