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Default Re: Marvel's Mystery Oil

I use MMO and it does work. Un-stuck a valve in our '36 Ford Flathead from today's dry gasolines. Dump a pint in the Model A doesn't hurt a thing.

Another better cleaner/stabilizer, better than SeaFoam (which I too used for years) is Gumout's Fuel Stabilizer with PEA. Lucas puts one out too.

The nitrogen cleaner in those products really clean carbon deposits in your engine. You get the same type of cleaner in Shell V-Power Nitro gasolines and also in Chevron's Techron. Run a few tank fulls of that thru your car and see the difference.

The Ford dealerships will do a nitro cleaning on the new cars when they reach 100K miles to keep things clean on the top end, mostly as a result of owners using stuff like the cheapo Pilot-Love's-Speedway crapo gasoline trying to save a buck They have the fewest detergents in their gasoline to save a penny or two at the pump and lure you in.
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