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Default Re: Rear Main Leak Bear with me

Originally Posted by saxman657 View Post
I'm experiencing the same thing - I feel your frustration. I can see oil coming from the inspection plate next to the oil pan after about 10 min idle -- pulsing like a slow bleeding artery. I have a mechanic friend who will be helping but thoughts towards either a plugged or missing oil return tube, problems with the shims, or possibly a bad Babbit. He said if Babbit is ok he will drill an extra hole in the Babbit to assist with oil return to the pan.

Looking forward to seeing your progress.
First thing to do is to see if all the oil passage is open.

If the drain hole in the rear of the cap won't take the oil now, how will drilling another hole in the cap to feed it more oil, really overwhelming the system, help? Also any oil taken away from the rear of the cap, the thrust will suffer.

Thrust clearance should be set at .003, to .003-50, any thing over .006 is pumping oil. If the rear main bolts, and the shims are not sealed, oil is going through. The shaft set for clearance, as every body knows.

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