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Default Re: '40 Pickup full restoration project

Originally Posted by funrunr View Post
As always, you have finished some very impressive work. One of my favorite pictures would be about 2 pages back with the right rear tire off showing how detailed it is in an area that most will never see. Thank you for sharing with us.
I've known for some time that you and I share some of the same delights. Like you, I love detail - especially the chassis. I prefer to paint these vehicles in color to show that detail off. While I have done black cars, they just don't get me as excited as cars of color. Looking beneath a colored car and seeing the black frame against the colored floor pans just does something to satisfy my OCD a little.

This truck required more time than I'd figured just to get the bed (bottom) as detailed as I wanted. As many know, Ford dipped the wood pieces in a mixture that caused the wood to turn for the most part - black. During the process of painting the bed (assembly line) overspray upon the wood was inevitable and hardly discouraged.
As you can see in one of the photos herein attached, I could not bring myself to do that.
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