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Default Re: Life is too short, use and enjoy your cars

Originally Posted by deetz View Post
Regarding your A, drive it! Don't be afraid to drive it in the rain and the snow. Don't be afraid of scratching or chipping the paint. Don't be afraid to let children bounce on the seats and crank on the steering wheel. Don't be afraid. It's a tough little car and it can handle it, can you? If you can't, perhaps your A should be placed in a museum behind a velvet rope.
While I was student teaching I took my 1930 coupe to school to let the 1st grade class I was woking with check it out. I pulled it onto the playground and let them have at it!

No damage, but every square inch of the car was COVERED with little finger prints! If my coupe could speak I think it would say, "Best Day Ever!"

I wound up teaching middle school science for the next 35 years. Too many zippers to zip, buckles to buckle, and laces to tie at the first grade level for me.

For all those 35 year I would tell my kids, "Plan like you were going to live forever, but live each day like it was your last, because nobody can guarantee you a tomorrow." Then I'd quickly go on to explain that didn't mean to go crazy, but just to don't put off hugging your parents or siblings and telling them you loved them.

I'm convinced that my model A will help me live longer, since I refuse to go until I finish my tudor! And at times it seems that will take forever!
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