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Default Re: Life is too short, use and enjoy your cars

Originally Posted by 1929 View Post
Today I wanted to show the previous owner of my Model A all the work I did to his car a year later, when I arrived at his home I was told he died of cancer 6 months ago. Use and enjoy your cars, we are not here forever.
The past couple of months we lost two guys in our car group, both guys really enjoyed their cars and both drove the wheels off of them.

The upside these two guys lived their dreams while here. of course we will miss them but they were a very good example of how to enjoy the car hobby, believe me their cars were not garage queens.

I drive my cars, yes even in the rain so I do follow their example, my suggestion is to enjoy your car and do not worry so much about passing them on, respect and maintain your car and above all enjoy the car, always remember your car was made to drive.
Chuck McDonald,
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