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Default Re: July 23, 1903-The Original Model A Introduced.

Originally Posted by SeaSlugs View Post
well the internal combustion engine and attempted cars before model T were mostly in europe, it also dates back to roman empire and more evidence during horseback days and right handed people being the influence. Henry Ford being a farm boy probably rode/drove horses ALOT and decided to keep driving the same as driving a team of horses.

Interesting little article:
"According to research done in 1969 by J.J. Leeming, keep-left countries have a much lower collision rate than keep-right countries. It is thought the reason behind this is that most peopleís right eye is their dominant eye. Thus, the right eye in keep-left traffic is the one closest to oncoming traffic and so should reduce collisions. Another theory as to why this might be is that most people are right handed, so when driving a manual transmission car in a keep-left country, most peopleís dominant hand is on the steering wheel; this could help in a personís ability to maneuver accurately."

Yep !!!
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