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Default Re: Leatherback '28-'29 Group

TimM, My leatherback has side armrests with '28 interior. Firewall date is 2-6-29. Its the same old problem - Henry used up old parts and materials before using new stuff. I am putting mine back the way it came - with '28 interior. 1929 interior did not have armrests.
The seat is attached to door posts in this car which means seat can't move . If you are tall like me it is unsafe to drive the car - can't make fast movements to engage brakes or clutch. I took the filler pieces out of mine and bought a set of roller bearing seat sliders from Speedway Moters. It is a really neat conversion and is dirt cheap. If you are interested I can send you pictires and info on sliders.
I also have the bottom support piece you are missing in case you want to restore it the way it was. Bill G

I wil post pics tomorrow

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