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Default Re: Leatherback '28-'29 Group


I just bought a 1929 Leatherback last month and I have a few questions to ask and have come up against a problem I need your help with.

First the questions:
1. When did the headliner light move? I have seen some with it above the driver's head and then some are like mine, with it over the back seat.

2. Mine is a 29 but it appears to have had rear seat side this correct for that year? The interior was removed prior to my buying it, but it included what looks to be thin plywood with the side armrest attached to it. Should they have been in this car?

Now my problem...the front seat is non-movable. The metal tub has a bracket on each side which is bolted to the B-pillar and has a strip of wood between the edge of the tub and the pillar. But there is no seat bottom sides there anymore. That curved strip of either metal or wood that sits on either side of the seat cushion between it an the door. (interject the correct part name here!) In some of the pictures here that you all have posted, it is really hard to tell what it is made of, it's thickness or how it is attached. I have bought an upholstery kit, but not too certain about how to handle this issue. Help anyone!!!?

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