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Default Re: Rotor gap to distributor body terminals

I understand that if you run the gap at .035 you get a hotter spark. As for slop/play/lost motion between the rams horn and the distrib base...I installed a very small bushing over the small tiny pin and filed an equal amount needed off the bakelite rams horn and made it a very tight fit.

Thus no wiggling of the rams horn once installed on the distrib base. and so the .035 stays constant if the bushings are good, if the distrib cam is equal on all 4 sides.

Backlash in the gearing gets into the actual timing of the spark however. Try for nearl y no backlash. Snyders sells an oversize distrib driven gear/shaft.

Also if you leave the flat plug "wires" on the rams horn watch the sparking at night. You need an air gap there to prevent that.


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