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Default Re: Membership dropping, interest too???

Originally Posted by SteveB31 View Post
Their are still roughly the same number of antique autos out in circulation. Just fewer people interested in the club part of owning one.
This is both true and false. There are still the same number of old cars out there, but... First, some percentage goes to hot rodding each year. Not a totally bad thing if it keeps the old look and interest in all thing automotive, but it cuts into those in our marque's numbers. Next, big $$ collectors tend to take car OUT of circulation, and rat hole them into private collections. Also not totally a bad thing, because when those collectors croak, we get excited and all a twitter about the big estate auction. Lastly, some number die a death by rusting away, under going the big hammer/smasher, or crashing into an oncoming freight train due to iffy brakes. This is, indeed, a bad thing. (Yikes, I better fix my brakes!)

When it comes right down to it, we don't really "own" these things, we just care for them for a period of time. Then the big estate auction, and someone else comes along and care for them for a while, and so on.

( Letting one rust away in a field is probably not going to win any points for you in a caretakers contest! My advise, if you don't want to maintain it, don't buy it. I never follow my own advice!)
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