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Default Re: Do you polish your balls?

Teflon cold flows under sustained / repeated loads, so I would not use Teflon ball socket parts. However, Teflon is an excellent lubricant, and I would seek a chassis grease that has Teflon particles in it.

The ball joint plugs preset a normal force on the ball joints, so it is important that the plugs are not too tight. I set the plugs in my Model "A" cars to compress the springs 0.06" which is one turn of the plugs after contacting the balls.

Front tire pressure also affects the steering effort. Higher pressure equates to easier steering, but a rougher ride. Toe-in also has a minor effect on the steering effort.

The webbing in the bushing at the top of the steering column is also a point of hi-friction, so lubricate the webbing too.

You need to explain to your wife that the steering is much easier when the Model "A" is moving even a little bit.

It would be fantastic if an entrepreneur in out hobby makes available a steering worm & sector ratio gear set which reduces the driver's steering effort.
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