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Default Re: Membership dropping, interest too???

Originally Posted by dpson View Post
I think part of the problem is that cars today are so much more comfortable, they pretty much all have power steering, power brakes, ABS, air conditioning, cruise control, hi tech sound systems, power windows, power seats, lane departure warning, back up cameras, self parking..............
........connection to their cell phone. My grand kids wonder what the window crank handles are for?
Lane departure warning isn't really needed if you don't text & drive. Who thought that up anyway?
As for phone & stuff, i am adding a phone charger port & found a bluetooth speaker is.. well, while not the greatest sound system ever it does the job.

Originally Posted by Johnnya101 View Post
I cant just come up with another $3000 for a new interior overnight.
Jute sack interior is an affordable alternative. One time i used a dead leather couch from the dump.

Originally Posted by Dick Steinkamp View Post
It's a hobby...not a religion.

Have fun with your cars and your car friends.
It's not what? *thought it was* i don't have any friends though...
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