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Default Re: Gas tank seeping.

Originally Posted by DHZIEMAN View Post
Gas seepage or leaks of any kind are bothersome from a safety standpoint. And doing a repair with sealer does not solve the original leak problem, it just band-aides it! And once the sealer starts breaking down, ya got bigger problems. The easy safe way to fix this is really not easy but is the right way. Take out the tank, and do it right! Everything else in my estimation, just prolongs the agony.
Like many who have posted on this thread, you seem to assume the sealer will break down. Why? I used sealer for the first time over 20 years ago and that tank still doesn't leak a drop. It is one where I used one of my 1931 style column support brackets and then sealed the tank. I expect better sealers are available now than when I did that, too.
A good quality sealer properly applied will outlast us and most likely, the car.
I've also had good success when treating a rusty tank by using phosphoric acid (which leaves a white powdery residue) to clean out the rust, then using the best sealer I can find. In my most recent job, I solved both problems (rust and a leak) at the same time.
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