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Default Re: Gas tank seeping.

Originally Posted by Len Mendonca View Post
My 1931 model A pickup truck gas tank is seeping where the steering wheel shaft attaches to the bottom of the tank. I am looking for an easy way out, like something you put into the tank. I suspect the previous owner used a pour in sealer. I have owned this 1931 Model A pickup truck for 2 years and I saw evidence of a leak but now it is more obvious. I understand ethanol eats away at some of the pour in sealers.

Is there an easy way out for this?
Gas seepage or leaks of any kind are bothersome from a safety standpoint. And doing a repair with sealer does not solve the original leak problem, it just band-aides it! And once the sealer starts breaking down, ya got bigger problems. The easy safe way to fix this is really not easy but is the right way. Take out the tank, and do it right! Everything else in my estimation, just prolongs the agony.
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