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Default Re: Chasing the knock.

Any way, it has a knock. It has been sitting in an 80 year old man's house for sometime. I had a previous problem of it not running well after a carb rebuild but it was solved with another carb. The car starts good, runs good, and drives out good but does have a knock. So I started investigating. I am a novice so if you see something in the pics by all means tell me. All the lifters are free. I do see a couple new valves. Pulled the cover to inspect the timing gear and is worn pretty badly. I have a new one on the way. I just tried to drain the oil and when I pulled the plug nothing came out. I had to stick a screwdriver in the hole to get the oil to come out. I then dropped the pan. Other than about a half inch of sludge I didn't find anything in the pan.
Did you not check the oil level on the dipstick when you bought it?
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