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Default Stuck engine

Here's another quick story about my Garage Sale Model A.

To my chagrin the engine was stuck tight but as it turned out that wasnít the problem it could have been.

Upon getting the car home I removed the spark plugs and filled the cylinders with a mixture of equal parts (I didnít measure) diesel fuel, Marvel Mystery Oil and automatic transmission fluid. I figured at least one of them would do the job. It did.

After setting for a month, while I did a lot of the other jobs that needed attention, I took the starter off and put a screw driver to the flywheel. It broke free quite easily.

I figured when I got it running that I'd end up doing an overhaul on the engine so I bought a complete gasket set. I dropped the pan and checked everything out and cleaned the pan and oil pump, then put the pan back on with the old gaskets as I figured it wouldn't be on long anyway.

It's still on, and to my utter amazement the engine doesn't use any oil, either from burning or leaking. I can't believe it.

So, for what it's worth , maybe someone else can benefit from this and some of my other experiences with my first Model A.
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