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Default Re: Replacement Ignition Coil

Originally Posted by Bob Bidonde View Post
Hi Purdy! Yes, I have a 40611 Flame Thrower, but it failed so I replaced it with a Bosch 00012 (Blue Coil).

I usually look at this forum several times a day . I haven't seen any inconsistant voltage ratings of the Flamethrower type coil that I use posted on this forum . I do remember a post where Mr HL Chauvin posted what one of the Pertronix engineers told him . There was no mention of a voltage difference between the 1.5 ohm and the 3.0 ohm versions of the flamethrower coils . The engineer hinted around that the 12 volt 3.0 version could be the better choice for performance . You question the voltage out put of the Flamethrower coil . What is the advertised voltage of the Bosch 00012 coil ??? If Flamethrower coils have been recalled, WHY hasn't my coil been recalled ? You mention and post a picture of the Bosch 00012 coil , mounted on your car . Post number 14 states that he uses a blue oil filled Bosch coil like yours . If your Bosch coil is oil filled you have yours mounted upside down . Oil filled coils that are mounted wrong usually fail early , no matter what brand that they are . If you used the lower priced oil filled Flame thrower coil and mounted it wrong, that could be the reason that it failed . The solid epoxy coil can be mounted as original , not necessarily so with the oil filled version .

I use the 40611 epoxy coil . Mine is the 3.0 ohm 12 volt version . I use the original model A distributor with original style points . Pertronix makes different coils for electronic ignition . Using the 40611 with electronic ignition could be a problem .
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