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Default 8 volt battery question

My 31 has difficulty starting when it gets cold so I started looking around to see if there is anything I can do. I still run the 6v system, but I have upgraded to a Pertronix in a vintage Mallory Dual-Point distributor. After some research I've come to the conclusion that an 8v battery is the way to go. I called Pertronix and they verified that it won't damage their fact it will help.
Well, I find myself at the local mega farm store yesterday and they have five of their 8v batteries on the shelf. I was about to throw one in my cart when I looked at the label.....and here's my question.
The battery I've ran for the last 5 years is a carquest #1-30. If you look up the specs it has 800 CA and 640 CCA. OK great you say, but if everyone says that an 8v battery is supposed to crank the engine better than how come the battery I'm looking to buy (#c8v-1) has LESS CA and CCA??? I'm definitely not an electrical guy, but how can a battery with less cranking amps do a better job of cranking over an engine? I'm ASSUMING it has to do with some calculation based on the voltage, resistance, and amperage but I just want to make sure before I lay down the cash.
Thanks in advance for the simply electrical lesson.....I'm sure that's all I need.
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