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Default Re: Runs for about 10 minutes and the just quits

I got interested in this thread because I also have a '28 RPU and the exact same thing happened to me some time ago. It turned out that the gas cap vent was clogged as others have mentioned.
The other thing that interested me were the gas tank postings. Back in 1960 when I was stationed in the army in southwest Germany I had a 10 year old Mercedes 170S. Two of my friends and I had leave and decided to drive to Paris in it. We didn't get far when it started missing badly. We pulled in to a Mercedes dealer in Saarbrücken and they found that there were a lot of leaves in the gas tank. They fished a lot of them out so I paid them and we continued on. We only got about 50 km or so when the problem continued. We stopped in an auto repair shop in a little French town and my buddy, who spoke some French, explained the problem to the mechanic. He put the car on his lift and then drained the gas. Next he took a cutting tool and cut a hole in the tank. Lots of leaves came out which lead me to believe that I had been vandalized. After that he welded a patch on it with an acetylene torch. All three of us backed up when he did this but nothing bad happened. I paid him and we went on to Paris and had a good time there (another story).
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