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Default Re: PCV VALVE SYSTEM for 8BA with Early Intake Manifold

Reviewing the original question; Early intake manifold on a 8BA type of engine and the accompanying pix shows the PCV system plumbed into the rear oil fill/breather tube, no front fill/breather tube. If the copper tube running through the valve lifter chamber is the intended source of air flow from the lower crankcase, I doubt if that pipe would have the capacity to ventilate the engine.
Some Early Ford V8 pans have a 'draft' vent located in the front left of the pan. This vent must be closed off if a PCV system is installed on the engine.
Some people maintain that a closed crankcase system, PCV, won't work on a EFV8 engine because the rear main is not sealed, thereby the PCV will draw contaminates through the flywheel/clutch area and into the crankcase/engine.
I am getting ready to take the engine out of my '36, so that I can take it down to H & H to have the engine freshened up. It has not been touched since it's last rebuild in 1960. It is my intention to drill/thread a hole in the front portion of the Offy Super intake for a Ford 292 PCV which will plumbed into the vacuum port to the rear of the second carb.
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