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Default Re: PCV VALVE SYSTEM for 8BA with Early Intake Manifold

Originally Posted by Fortunateson View Post
I knew about "the same block for all!" company edict which makes sense except for the different block identification marks. Now that oil pump doesn't look familiar. If I use the Merc oil pan is it essential to use that pump or would theFord pump work OK? I do have the truck oil pan...

It's the pump 'PICK-UP' and the attached, round baffle that are the oddballs. These pics show how the round baffle fits snugly into the round hole in the MERCURY pan baffle. The pumps are essentially the same, physically. What kind of car are you putting this in? ALSO, what type of transmission are you going to bolt-up to? One more thing to can use whichever oil pan you choose, but you MUST have and utilize that pan's MATCHING 'starter plate'. DD


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