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Default Re: Finding a parasitic draw

About Post #6.


Sometimes Kilroy uses invisible ink!

Try shinning an ultra violet light around...

Also in 1968 at AnKhe we sometimes found only very small yellow Cav Patches with no text.
Seriously … one time I had a VERY intermittent short in a Coupe.

1. There is a wire going out of terminal box (black and blue as I remember might be wrong on color ... it was over 50 years ago!) that goes to the wiper motor and interior dome light.

It was shorted where the wire goes up the side of the windshield. Opening and closing windshield would sometimes cause the short!

Very hard to find!!

2. Another thought. Maybe the wiper motor gearbox is full of dried up grease and the switch is left on sometimes.

This happens when kids are "driving".
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