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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

Hey all, I just joined the other day and already made a good contact and found great stuff that isn't on the Jalopy Journal, to which I also belong. My latest acquisition is a 36 5 window with a 47 motor and some juice breaks, later steering box, etc.. Old modifiers would only be real familiar with this stuff which I'll need help with and the true blue ford guys here really know their stuff. I want to keep it in it's "original" 50's or 60's "stock" condition. I don't want to restore or do a SBC.

So lets keep our cards straight and deal out of the right deck when we post and we will all be better for it.

Great site everyone, I'm glad I found it and by the way sorry if I violated the rule but I didn't properly introduce myself yet: so hey I'm Rob and I also have a stock restored 1930 A. It's good to be here
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