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Default Re: A/C in 68 Mustang

To be 100% (or as close as possible) sure you're not going to have "heating" problems look at a "bigger" radiator, fan, and shroud. Most heat issues are air flow related followed by coolant volume. The stock radiator in that car is small with respect to volume. Adding a three core will increase volume. A shroud will help move air through the radiator at idle and low speeds. New cars cool all day long with a little bitty radiator, they use every inch of the fins by very strict air control, that and the computer richens up the mixture to aid with temperature control.

Bottom line after having said all of that....if it ain't loosing water it ain't overheating. Some people get a little excited about water temperature. An old school hot rodder friend always said his car was running hot. After looking and trying to make it boil the hottest it would get was 190. Turns out he thought "normal" temps were 160 - 170 and anything higher was "over heating".
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