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Default Re: Radiator Cleaning and Mess

This probably should have been the start of a new thread, but this is the last step in fixing my cooling system problem. The water pump was still in perfect condition, but I want a seal in the rear bushing, so now is the time to do it. The solid brass tool shown is something I turned on the lathe to press out the old bushing, which is still in perfect condition. I'll add a seal to it later and use it in my next rebuild. Also shown is the locking collar, which I like and always use. That way one pump will be ready to go on any head.

I also am adding a filter to catch anything that might block a radiator tube. I went to Menards and bought a 2" barbed coupling and cut off the barb portion as shown. One fitting will give two barbs for two cars. I slipped a dryer vent nylon through the inside of the barb, then over the outer edge and pushed the fitting with nylon into the upper hose. Be sure to push from the top down, so the barbs will lock the thermostat from being pushed up the hose. No third clamp needed. Now I can slip the thermostat against the fitting and clamp it to the engine outlet, then tuck in the radiator inlet and clamp it.

BTW, my mistake, the rear seal is not a double lip seal as I thought, but a single lip with a spring, so it should still work well to keep the grease out and antifreeze in. The impellor and shaft are original Ford parts and still show no wear, and the same goes for the front bearing and the rear bushing I removed.

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