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Default Re: Radiator Cleaning and Mess

Hi Tom,
I tried a few months ago to clean a radiator. I removed it and laid it face down on a piece of cardboard. I then blocked up the overflow tube and put a radiator cap on that closed it off. I then poured lacquer thinner into the lower water outlet tube and let it soak over night. In the AM I sloshed it around and drained out a lot of greasy thinner.
I then tried it again with clean thinner and it started to look real clean. I thought this might also be a good way to clean a radiator out as the thinner cuts the grease usually in there from the water pump grease fitting.
It seemed to do very good job. I have not tried the radiator but it seemed to improve the flow of water. obviously, I did this out side in the open air so the fumes did not get near a furnace or hot water heater.
Just some thoughts,
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