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Default Re: Radiator Cleaning and Mess

Originally Posted by Cape Codder View Post
Just recently cleaned out a friends motor/radiator using a set of connections (made from PVC) which I had seen in a recent MARC or MAFCA club magazine. The friends complaint was that he could not go over 45 without the radiator boiling over. We decided to put kerosene and Simple Green in the radiator and drove it approx. total of 50-55 miles. Flushed system with clear water and then put in some anti-freeze. Then drove car over 700 miles to the New England meet with no problems and no water lost.
I also saw the PVC flushers in the "Restorer". We're you pleased with their back flow ability? I had a plumber grab me the right parts, but haven't put them together. Any tips? Thanks.
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