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Default Re: Columbia Syncro Clutch Assembly

Originally Posted by Terry,OH View Post
The later parts are considered a little bit better, but there is nothing bad about the 12 tooth. The 12 tooth is pre-war and the 24 is 46-48. Assemble the clutch over a sun gear so you wind up with the proper alignment when finished.
Thanks guys for your input. That makes sense as I have a 36 and also most of a 48 unit that was broken and I am trying to piece together for my 32 Pickup. I have already spliced and narrowed the early and late tubes together. John Connelly’s clutch kit instructions state that also. He states to insert one of the springs,shoe, and linings In a cavity. Then insert the sun gear then install the syncro slider and align the cogs. I quickly found out why as it was pretty tight with just one set in it.
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