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Default Re: 34 body to frame bolt set...where does it all go?

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but I'd bet that the picture posted was not of a race, but a parade lap with every car they could scrounge up for publicity purposes. I was there, attending these kinds of races from '49-'50 at Rex Speedway (which was so of St. Paul) and Twin City Speedway in New Brighton from 1951 until I started drag racing in 1961. These were all well-attended popular events with the bleachers full for most events, especially Twin City. They would have two to four "Heat" races with 10 to twelve cars each, one or two consolation races, a "Trophy Dash", and a "Feature". Great Fun!

If that was indeed a real race and they occured "in every city of any size all over the US!", there wouldn't be ANY cars left for us. It's an impressive picture, though, just as the stagers intended it to be.
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