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Smile Re: Long term "A" Ownership

I bought my 1931 Tudor from my father's boyhood friend in June of 1960 for $75.00, Earl gave me back $10.00 to "start fixing her up". My mother said it was a "Lizzie" even though it is a model A, the name stuck and continues to today. Survived my high school years painted in a Corvete Nausau blue. Did a ground up restoration in 1975 after graduation from college, She has seen the sun rise on the south Island of New Zealand to Prince George B.C to Barcelona Spain and a number of states in the US from Nevada to South Dakota. Still going strong awaiting the MATC tour of the Great Lakes next Fall. Next year if all goes well, will check out Argentina and Chile. Think she is part of the family at this point, Not sure what my kids will do with her when I'm gone.. Time will tell

Guess she is in my blood,,, Rick Jensen
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