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Default Re: Fort Wayne clutch claims setting is correct.

Originally Posted by jw hash View Post
I checked the setting on a rebuilt pressure plate last month, I had two new clutch disc. one of the new disc`s was thicker then the other so when the bolted it together on the flywheel the fingers were off be 3/8" so I removed the set up and tied the thinner disc. and they pretty close to right on. so who ever put together the one disc used to thick of lining. it does not take much to throw it off. also when you have your flywheel turned they need to turn the mounting surface too. that can make a difference to.
I did have the flywheel resurfaced and they refaced the mounting surface also to maintain the 1 1/8" depth. I sent a NOS Genuine Ford to Fort Wayne that was .340 thick which is what they said they use for a gauge. They argue that it is set to where all their Model A pressure plate fingers are set and it is over the Ford clutch book instructions by almost 1/2 ".They say the Ford instructions are wrong and their setup instructions on the "card" they use are correct. Their setting takes away almost 1/2" of travel of clutch bearing but they maintain that they are giving it more so I am done arguing with them and I will set it up myself when they return as I sent it back to them. They claim that I am the first Model A owner to complain about this setting that they have sold thousands of,well now I know why so many Model A transmissions are grinding gears.The cluch is not disengaged enough. I only wanted my set right by them so I did not have to mess with unstaking and restacking lock nuts.I'll use Loctite.
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