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Default Re: Fort Wayne clutch claims setting is correct.

Yes,they have set up literally 1000's of them and no one has ever questioned this same dimension,very frustrating.I have searched and found post from 2012 that same problem and answer from fort Wayne. so what happens with a pressure plate set at 1 1/8" say instead of .687 like my Bratton gauge? I imagine most Model a guys just get them and install and never no that Les Andrews and others have a different tolerance.Fort wayn wants me to prove this dimension and I am embarrassed to say I had no answer than Les's book and guys on the Fordbarn and internet.I did tell them it is a general consensus though. So I guees I am getting it back as is because they say they are set up from information on their "card". I will reset myself and have to deal with staking the nuts or rather unstaking first like I did not want to.
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