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Default Re: shavings found in light switch body

Hi, It looks to me that if you are trying to use the top in your last picture posted (reply #5) with that one shown in the first post, it will not work right as it is for the early style switch plate. You can change out the plate shown, if you have one ? Hard to find, or get the correct top for that plate you show..
I'm not sure how you got to that information with the picture given: I have an early 4 contact switch body in front of me and externally I believe they all look the same.

HOWEVER, look at the other side. If the switch contactor has 4 contacts then its a "type H" or early switch. If it has three contacts, then it is a later "Twolight" switch.

Looking at his switch plate, it appears to be a Twolight (three contacts in succession, one set three each for battery, tail-light, and the "parking, Low, and High" beams.

The type H switch plate is different and has contacts "alternately" with clear spots.

You can't use a Type H switch contactor against a Twolight switch plate, and converse.

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