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Default Re: Against compression

Originally Posted by Ray in La Mesa View Post
Brings back memories of an engine we tore down 35 years ago. Could hear it knocking two blocks away as he drove it into the garage. We pulled the head and discovered the reason for the knock, you could stick a standard screwdriver about I" down between the piston & cylinder!! It is amazing how our old toys keep running under adverse conditions!
With that amount of wear, that motor would have been so down on power that it might not have been running - walking, maybe!
I'm sure that in the day, when these were just another old car, a motor like that wouldn't be rebuilt or replaced. The car would have been scrapped and so millions of them were wrecked. That's not really much different today - what happens to a car "at the end of its life" when it is traded in on a new one? Scrapped and recycled! I'm sure our microwave oven has some metal from a 1970's car in it.
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