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Default Re: Installing a Y-Block in a 36 Coupe

Originally Posted by Steve Kennedy View Post
For what it is worth, I have a 59BA motor in my '36 5 window. Definitely no roof for a stock fan. There is only 5 inches between the location for the stock fan on the front of the motor and the radiator. The stock fan, which does mount off of the front of the engine below the generator, is 5 inches front to back. I do have twin electrics in front of the radiator. It sounds like a jet engine when it idles but seems to keep it cool. I have talked with Brass Works and may have them build a better radiator for me, and they do supply a fan.
I'm not sure why you would have had an issue with a 59AB and fan fitting into a 36?? The 39-48 blocks had the same external dimensions and the earlier 36 - so no issue there. The only reason you MIGHT have an issue is related to what intake manifold you use (or wanted too) and how you wanted to setup your fan.

If you ran a manifold like the Edelbrock Slingshot (or Eddie Meyer, or Thickstun - and a few others), then the original 36 generator and fan assembly would bolt right onto the front of the manifold. This would put the generator/fan is the stock location . . . so everything fits.

Where you might have had an issue is in how the motor mounts were done - maybe your particular setup has the engine sitting "higher in front" than the original 36 engine would have been - causing an issue with the fan hitting the top-tank of the 36 radiator???

Just wanting to make sure folks don't get the idea that a 59AB in a 36 is an issue.
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