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Default Re: Installing a Y-Block in a 36 Coupe

Originally Posted by Henry Floored View Post
How’s this?

That my friend is the way to put a 289 in a '40 Ford, no billet crap. This is the best one I've ever seen done. I like how you kept your 289 in its original 1965 colors, black block and gold valve covers. Correct yellow top coil, factory dual point distributor, correct early Mustang hose clamps, correct bolts. Nice looking headers. Most people would have painted it Ford blue and chromed everything that bolted to it. I've never seen anybody take the Hipo chrome dress up air cleaner and paint it gold, it looks really good that way. The original style air filter element is a nice touch. The fan fits in there real nice. I like the chassis black paint on the fan too. It gives you the impression you pulled a Hipo 289 right out of a new '65 Mustang and dropped it in a '40 Ford.

I've had fourteen Early Mustangs. I ate and slept Mustangs until I burned out and switched to flatheads. I have a nice '66 GT-350 that's been hibernating in the in garage for 36-year's. A dead '70 Boss 302 and two dead '64 Falcons sitting outside, all future projects. I still love those small block Fords.

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