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Default Re: 2017 Florida "Barner's Bash"

We’ve had a resurgence of interest in the Cigar City Flatheads T-shirts so, we are considering ordering more however, before we do, we will need a commitment for at least fifty shirts to cover the initial cost of production. Additionally, in an effort to keep the ‘per unit’ cost down, we will limit the shirt size to Extra Large only. Based on our previous T-shirt order, the cost per shirt plus shipping and handling will be somewhere around $25.00 (subject to change). There is no limit on the number of shirts you that can purchase. We will take orders until we reach the minimum number required, at which point we will request payment and fill those orders.

If you are interested in ordering a Cigar City Flatheads T-Shirt(s) please PM me on FaceBook or on FordBarn. Don’t forget to include the number of shirts you want to order as well as your mailing address.

Thanks for your continued support of the Cigar City Flatheads.

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