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Default Re: 2015 Moonshine Festival, Dawsonville, GA

I went on Sunday and heard that Saturday was the big day. In talking to one car owner, most cars had cleared out by end of day Saturday because there was no judging this year. His claim was that no one hauls a car for 500 miles just for a drive-in show. He tells me that last year all three days were madhouse busy. Sunday was a very slow day with about two dozen cars around the courthouse, nothing in the Ford lot and 40 or so cars in the City Hall parking area.

This is my first time going. The traffic was well under control from what I hear last year was like. That could be a result of few attendees. Parking was staged all around the event with further lots bussing people in every 15 minutes starting at 10:00. Since the event opened at 8:00 I had to move lots to walk in.

There were very few vendors, most selling unrelated stuff (junk). I loved seeing the cars but overall think the show is becoming a walk in the town bazaar.
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