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Default Re: 2015 Moonshine Festival, Dawsonville, GA

Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
Thanks, guys: in fact, had already been through the laser surgery when I posted. Now have a gas bubble in the eye, with some limited vision. Doctor indicated that total vision should return as the bubble dissipates. We are so blessed to live in a time when these issues can be successfully addressed! Vic, Margretha and I agree: next 'Barner's Bash is right on top of the list!! And I hope the Piano Mansion was undamaged by all the recent rains (although I am sure your resident 'gator thoroughly enjoyed it)!!

Marcus, I went through that about 18 yrs ago with my left eye. I detached twice and the Dr gave me no hope the second time but said he would do what he could. Turned out good and it is now the dominant eye. Modern medicine is great!
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