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Default Re: 2015 Moonshine Festival, Dawsonville, GA

Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
Well, just damn! Vic, I was all set to try again this year, but have had a total retinal detachment. Laser surgical repair, but temporarily blind in right eye, so travel and such on hold for several months.......maybe I should stop trying to plan and just allow life to happen? Regardless, the Lord does not give us more than we can handle, and this too, shall pass!
Hey, don't get disheartened. You can save your vision if the retinal detachment is in the starting stage. Just go and see an eye specialist asap. There is no need to think twice about this, you have no other option. I'm sure about this because I had a similar situation in my life once- I got my retina detached and I consulted an eye specialist at a Lasik eye center in Auburn called Evergreen Eye Center. It was fortunate that I consulted him at the starting stage of the detachment and I was able to recover my eyesight. So I would advise you to go and see an eye specialist at the earliest and save your vision. Best of luck.
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