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Default Re: PCV parts verification

Hi, I used a pvc from a late 70's mustang ll which had the small version of Ford's 5 litre...
I'm not sure but I think it was a 4.2 litre V8 or something...

....Anyway, long story short, I grabbed the factory oil filler cap that twists/screws into the valve cover.

The factory ford oil filler cap on the valve cover has the grommet and PCV valve installed and then a rubber hose runs to the intake tee....

The grommet from the factory small block, whether it is a 302 or the smaller/downsized 4.2 litre V8 are identical while the actual PCV valve is dimensional identical and thus everything is swap-able and fits nice and tight
when retro fitting into your 49-54 Flathead...

...I wanna believe that any junkyard 70's or 80's Ford car/truck with 302 has the same oil filler cap on the passenger? valve cover which houses the grommet and PCV valve that you need and the price will be right.

Perhaps it's a little easier to comprehend if we have some pictures....

Hang Tight, pics of how I set my 8BA PCV system up
for under $10 will be posted here within a few minutes...



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