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Default PCV parts verification

I want to add PCV to my stock '49 8BA engine. I am cheap and don't want to spend $50 for the Jameco kit. From what I understand, I need a Borg Warner PCV382 PCV valve and a Dorman 42054 grommet along with misc hose and fittings.

The PCV valve part number crossover is where I am having issues. If I do a search for Borg Warner PCV382 then O'Reillys gives me a part that crosses to a Toyota and it is straight and all plastic. On Ebay 2 come up that look more like I think they should, steel bottom and 90 degree plastic inlet. 1 for a 1.9L 1992 Escort/Lynx and 1 for a 2000ish 4.6 Mustang. The Fram cross-reference comes back as PCV343 which is for the Escort/Lynx. Is that the one I need?
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