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Default Re: 1933 can't start after recent restart

Originally Posted by jim galli View Post
Post 100. When I originally read your first post 3 weeks ago, I thought to myself, oh, sheared the teeth off the timing gear. Didn't say anything because I figured that would be obvious to the folks here. Don't get discouraged. If 100,000 farmers and ranchers could take it apart and put a new gear on, you probably can too. But we still don't know if that's what happened.
Thanks for your encouraging comments.
I am stumbling along but enjoy the fact that I am learning and feel like I am part of the 1930's.
I almost bought an already restored car but I am happy with this 95% original 1933 ford because now I am learning about the car. My plans are to keep this car and use and repair it myself for the rest of my life. Tomorrow morning I will take off the timing gear side port to see the condition of the gear.
Strange, but I have many repair books and service bullitons but no show how to replace the timing gear/gears? Well I will see tomor/row.
Thanks again....
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