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Default Re: Let's meet the "Model 40" guys,... 1933/1934

My avatar is my 3 window '34. It is now in full primer and this week the doors will be re-fitted. Fenders to follow.
ALL that rust is gone. What a job that was!! The chassis is also done and waiting for the paint which is still at best, a month away. Trying to find a competent shop to re-do the dash as original. The gauges are at Williamson's being restored.
Will be selling the original 221 off and trans too. Decided to go for a new rebuilt flattie and trans.
Will also be selling off my 1953 Merc that was built as it would not fit the look of the car as I want it.
So many left over parts that I am replacing with cool NOS stuff I have been hoarding for years. The rest of all that stuff will also go some day. Just have to find a valid outlet besides Craigslist and their worthless tire kickers or eBag!
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