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Default Re: Radiator Cleaning and Mess

Occasional Radiator Maintenance:

Had luck cleaning radiators with water mixed with water based POR 15 "Marine Clean". (Also cleaning old 600W from insides of stubborn, greasy axle housings).

As stated in the POR manufacturer's literature, Marine Clean works far better when the water solution is quite warm, such as that of the warm temperature of radiator water.

Mixture as weak as of 1 part MC to approximately 8 parts water works well -- so does 1:10, just depends on what one is cleaning.

Hardened & soft grease mixed with dirt & rust goo begins to emulsify & turn loose with the constant flow of the warm, "moving" water mixture, whereby one can tell what is happening within the cooling system by the color of the drained water.

If MC mixture leaks through the water pump, overflow, (or anywhere else), & gets blown around the engine compartment, it can be removed with clear water; however, it will not harm engine paint or firewal paint.
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